My goal is to connect you to the proper resources that fit your needs in the entertainment realm.  I will connect you with the people who have the answers to your challenges.


#1  Strategic Call

-One hour phone call creating a game plan to accomplish your goals

#2  Investigation

-Provide a personalized breakdown of 5-10 industry professionals that would help you the most

-Follow up phone call to discuss results

#3  A&R Bundle

Are you read for this?

-I will guide you in anyway necessary and connect you to the proper resources to achieve your goal with unlimited calls, emails, and texting.

-You will be signed up to be a member of the exclusive platform Tribe DIY that I built with my partner Dani Felt in order to find skilled independent contractors such as Graphic Design Artists, Producers, Consultants , and more.

-You get my special discount code for Twitch for Musicians teaching you how to use the platform to optimally promote your brand.

-Be able to meet and discuss pricing with my resident Photographer/Videographer Celia Werner and her team will cater to create the story you want (Tri-State Area Only).