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So you’ve decided to pursue music. You write great songs and you’re a killer performer, but you keep asking yourself, “Why hasn’t my career taken off yet?” Well, that’s where I step in.

My name is Bryan Glick and I am the Covert Connector. For the past decade, I have helped connect artists to industry knowledge, providing them the necessary resources to grow their careers.

My journey began in August 2013 at Hub Billiard Club, Long Island’s then-premier music venue for up-and-coming artists. It was a humble start—I worked mostly with friend’s bands, hosting minor events—but this first step grew my passion for helping artists. 

The events I coordinated grew as well, in both size and significance. First, a “Battle of the Bands,” then collaborative arts and music shows and networking events. I eventually launched my biggest success of the time, an American Idol-inspired local competition called “The Sing Off Series.” The competition fostered a local love for music as undiscovered New York talent competed. Judged by a panel of industry professionals, the winner performed an exclusive set in Italy.

Searching for a more intimate and hands-on approach to growing musicians, I began artist consulting. I first worked with FameUS and Nonstop to Cairo, a pop duo and Reggae-Ska powerhouse, respectively. I helped develop both acts as performing artists, administering tasks, promoting their brands, and touring alongside them.


Currently, I work with artists Kendra Black and Teena. While working with Kendra, we landed an exclusive performance slot at Nashville’s SpringBoard Festivals where I connected her to two-time Grammy award winner and author Thorton Cline. They collaborate and co-write songs for Kendra’s discography. Kendra now runs her own clothing line, performs nationally, and has performed with Snoop Dogg on her track “Rude.”

I discovered Teena, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, busking in Penn Station. I have since taken Teena from street-side songstress to performance powerhouse, as she’s now tackled Long Island’s most prestigious venues, opened for pop icons like Aaron Carter, and toured at world-class music clubs like Los Angeles’ Viper Lounge.

As most artists operate digitally, I launched a private Facebook group called Covert Connectors Connections, offering at-your-fingertips resources for independents. I also coordinate a Long Island-based live seminar called Industry Intel where professionals discuss success strategies for artists and provide them with heir exclusive expertise.

People often ask, “How do you work? Are you a Manager? A Promoter? A Connector?”  I am all and neither. My role is unique, and it is many, but one thing is always certain: I love helping talented artists grow.

Your passion is music. My passion is connecting you to your dreams. Let my passion help your passion. Let’s connect!

Bryan Glick

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