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My name is Bryan Glick and I am the Covert Connector.  I have met and built relationships with some of the most unique and amazing people.  I’ve made It my job to help you network with these humans.  

Navigating both the entertainment and business sector I have spent the better portion of my life traveling  the country, chatting on social media,  and attending live networking events. I’ve hosted events such as “The Sing off Series”, pitched my ideas to members of  Shark Tank, and have been on multiple podcasts and interviews.    Growing up on Long Island, NY I made it a point to be involve in my community.   I  belong to groups such as Unicorn Network, Moverz, and Yung Hip Professionals where we help nurture creativity and unity.  My journey has given me the pleasure of shaping the careers of people such as Kendra Black, Jill B Lovin, Teena,  and many others.  

While working with Kendra, we landed an exclusive performance slot at Nashville’s SpringBoard Festivals where I connected her to two-time Grammy award winner and author Thorton Cline.  They now collaborate on numerous projects  Kendra now runs her own clothing line, performs internationally, and has performed with Snoop Dogg on her track “Rude.”

I discovered Teena, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter, busking in Penn Station. I have since taken Teena from street-side songstress to performance powerhouse, as she’s now tackled Long Island’s most prestigious venues, opened for pop icons like Aaron Carter, and toured at world-class music clubs like Los Angeles’ Viper Lounge.

When you’re stumped on how to find that certain person or need a simple answer to a question you just don’t know how solve I’m here to guide your path.  Let me connect you to the resources you need to succeed. 

Thrilled to make Newsday as a member of the Unicorn Network .
Spectacular show with my Client Jill Lovin, Fkmarr, and Sam Law of Yung Hip Professionals
Having a little fun with Shark Tank’s success story Philip P Smith

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