Meet The Covert Connector


The Covert Connector

My name is Bryan Glick and it is my goal to help you network with my extensive library of professional connections. I call myself the Covert Connector, and that is because of my unique ability to facilitate helpful connections between professionals in the creative arena. Throughout the duration of my career, I have developed connections with unique and impressive business contacts— if you’re interested in boosting your career to the next level, keep reading!

Interested in both entertainment and business, I can confidently say that my background has led me to equally assist a wide assortment of people, spanning local creatives as well as nationally recognized artists. From teaming up to help Kitt Wakeley connect with nonprofits for a show at Carnegie Hall to serving local talent such as artist Stephanie Geremito and singer/songwriter Renee D’Angelo, my experience is unmatched and driven by a passion to help artists connect with the resources they need. 

Drawing upon a background in live networking events, social media, and other relevant entertainment and business achievements, my skill set is at your disposal in your journey to success. Join me and see how your career flourishes!