People Podcast 3/3/2020

Independent Ear and Friends 3/21/2020

What R U Gonna Do?! Hosted by Jen Feldman 5/25/2020

Candid Convo’s with Celia Werner 5/8/2020

Guilty Pleasures Personals 8/27/2020

Kush 9/1/2020

Mystic Noir 9/23/2020

Secret World of Virtual Events 11/14/20

Deep Voice Man Show 1/09/21

Hear It Straight from the Artists!

“Bryan Glick lives up to his name as Covert Connector! He is great at networking, building relationships and connecting people. From the few short months I have known and worked with Bryan, he has introduced me to several musicians, artist managers, and presidents of non-profit organizations who are all now users on Limelight Music! Bryan has a lot of knowledge and connections within the music industry, and genuinely cares about creating a collaborative community. It is a pleasure to work with Bryan and help artists attain their goals together.”

-Michelina Mandarano, Co-Founder of Limelight Music Inc.


“Bryan is a one-of-a-kind go-getter. He is always finding new ways to get the job done. A promising force in the business of music. “
– Lana Love

Harrison Barron – Brutally Honest Podcast

“Bryan Glick is a true supporter of independent music and his passion for art shows through in everything he does. His knowledge of the industry coupled with his willingness to get in there and do the work from small scale to large scale make him a great person to work with.” 

– Rorie Kelly