The music scene is full of talented individuals and it’s my mission to find those that really shine… After careful consideration I chose to work with these amazing artists and impact their career…

Jill B Lovin

Jill is a musical wiz proficient with multiple instruments such as the guitar, clarinet, sax, and many others. Her harmonic voice captivates audiences all over. She is ambitious and takes any opportunity to expand her musical experiences.

Kendra Black

Kendra is an established Pop artist from NYC that has achieved much success. A few of highlights are collaborating with Snoop Dog on her Song “Rude”, creating and managing her own clothing line, and performing at places such as Webster Hall and The NYC Marathon. You can find out all about here at

Bryan’s love for what he does is more than evident, and his expertise is flawless. He’s been part of my team for over a year now, and he has helped me grow my following and my brand exponentially. I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Bryan, and I’m looking forward to keep working with him in the future.


Teena has just begun to spread her wings in the music scene. Under a year of playing the circuit she has scored gigs at the Knitting Factory, opened Aaron Carter, and played the Viper Lounge in LA. This tiny girl is going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Bryan’s dedication to his work has helped me gain so many opportunities at such a young age, as well as a great deal of insight into the industry. His passion is immense, and he always settles for nothing less than the best. He is driven and determined to see results for his clients. 

Nonstop to Cairo

Nonstop to Cairo brings their music, a unique blend of ska, hip-hop and funk to a performance. They have performed alongside an impressive array of acts such as The Wailers, Dirty Heads, Galactic, Matisyahu, Fishbone, and Redman.

Aqua Cherry

Having recently changed our sound to Rock and Roll/ Reggae. Aqua Cherry has shared the stage with Junior Marvin and The Wailers, Everlast, The Spin Doctors, Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens, BadFish, Underground Junction featuring Steven Bauer, Corky Lang and The Mind Thieves, and Wonder Mike from The Sugar Hill Gang .

Rorie Kelly

Rorie Kelly makes ladybeast music. Her life’s mission is to create music that inspires others to love themselves fiercely and become their own heroes. Rorie’s empowerment anthem “If You Teach a Bird to Sing” led her to perform the Obama White House and earned her a top 10 staff pick from WFUV’s John Platt. She is currently working on a new album release for 2019 called Shadow Work.

Bryan Glick is a true supporter of independent music and his passion for art shows through in everything he does. His knowledge of the industry coupled with his willingness to get in there and do the work from small scale to large scale make him a great person to work with.


Benôir is an award winning producer, educator, band leader, actor and multi-instrumentalist. He has toured the US and Europe with artists such as Rhys Chatham, Pharaoh’s Daughter, Natalie Dangerfield, Anna Pipoyan, J Brittany, Kafele Bandele, Tribe of Djembe, Kema Jamal, Dub Affair, The Suffering Blues Band, Benôir and The Long Beach All-Stars, and Guardavidas. In 2015 Benôir released Jazzy Funky Noir. All that its name implies, this album’s instrumental tracks reflect Benôir’s vast musical influences and his artistry with the guitar. His newfound love for the piano and keyboard has ignited his career in unexpected ways as he continues to transform himself as a respected artist and music instructor.

I have had some high quality interactions with Bryan Glick aka the Covert Connector. We share the love of making things happen for others which creates magic in people’s lives. As a panelist judge at the Sunset Grille I met some wonderful talent and connected with other industry professionals. Bryan also invited me to speak at an Industry Intel event that was held at the Long Island Puppet Theater which bolstered my presence in the scene and offered us all the opportunity to learn about the rising power of the Gig Finesse App. I can see him doing really great things for the arts community! Be sure to connect with him and take a cue by bringing some others along the path of success with you!

Thorton Cline

Thornton Cline is Grammy and Dove Award Nominated, twice Songwriter of the Year, Platinum Award, First Place Maxy Literary Award 2017 for “Young Adult Book of the Year”, with over 150 songs recorded by major and independent recording artists, 18 published children’s and adult books.

Bryan Glick is a talented people person. Glick has the gift of discovering amazing talent as I have seen with his current artists, Kendra Black and Teena. Glick is natural in nurturing and developing new talent and reaching out to others in the music business with confidence. He is young and his potential is enormous. I highly recommend Bryan Glick for discovering and developing new talent. 


The Maisons have been around the Long Island music scene making waves with their Alternative Rock style. After reinventing their sound they always draw a crowd in and have fans yearning for more.

Dani Felt

This Philadelphia-born pop/alternative artist recently left the East Coast to make a new home for herself in Nashville, and the move means far more than greater opportunities in music. She developed a signature program called “Music Industry Mastery” which has helped artists around the world step up their mindset.

Chelsea Takami

The emergence of Chelsea Takami’s music could not have come at a better time. With today’s world in constant flux, we need a message of honesty; timeless music that will remain true for years to come.
She is the artist who values freedom. Takami delivers honesty and meaning with natural rhythm, enticing melodies, great charisma, and an effortless open heart. She tells real, well-crafted stories that display a rare empathy.

Karen Bella

Karen Bella, born and raised in New York, is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who performs throughout the tri-state area. involved with theater production in school as well as band, choir and drama. Bella was invited for a VIP audition for NBC’s The Voice and began performing throughout NYC including places in The Village such as The Delancey, The Living Room, Piano’s and the famously known, The Bitter End.  She was even asked to perform at The Harry Chapin Memorial Concert at Harry Chapin Lakeside Theater in Eisenhower Park which she has done for the past several years.Major recent performances have included Huntington’s Folk Festival (July 2015 & 2018), The Smithtown Blues Festival (June 2015) , Philadelphia Music Festival (June 2019) , The Great South Bay Music Festival (July 2019), The Opioids Prevention & Awareness Music Festival (August 2019) .

Karen Bella

Maria Rose

Scott Martin

Scott Martin is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist hailing from New York City. Outside of his career as a solo artist, he is also a founding member of both Bulletproof Messenger and Storm of the Century, and serves as an in-demand session player for a wide variety of local and national acts.

“Head Over Heels”, his debut single, is an upbeat, feel good rocker following in the tradition of heroes such as Petty and Springsteen.

Emi Pellegrino

Emi Pellegrino is a singer based out of Long Island, New York with all of the ingredients for stardom.  A very focused artist with amazing performing qualities; She has been nominated for best artist on Long Island 3 years in a row and took first place in 2020. Also being a certified Voice Teacher / Vocal Coach from New York Vocal Coaching, Inc. in New York City she has a youtube series with a monumental following .

Cue the Pilot

Cue The Pilot is a guitar-driven rock band from Long Island, NY. Their songs span across multiple genres, while still maintaining that old school flare.

Molly Adele Brown

Don’t be fooled by the infectious smile and fun-loving, quirky personality – AmeriaPop singer/songwriter Molly Adele Brown is a force to be reckoned with! There is steel behind those ice blue eyes and fire in her spirit. While she loves a good party, she is also passionate about social injustice – always looking out and fighting for the underdog.

Crowd the Airwaves

Hailing from the Outer Boroughs of New York City, the melodic rock power trio brings a fiery, take-no-prisoners mixture of classic rock, punk, glam, and modern alternative grit, injecting fresh blood into an already-diverse scene. Chunky, guitar-driven riffs and melodies complement radio-ready vocal stylings while colliding into a hard-hitting rhythm section. If Crowd the Airwaves were a Whiskey Sour, the whiskey would be the raw, unabashed power of The Runaways; the sour mix, a healthy dose of Cities-era Anberlin; the ice as the cool rush of the Foo Fighters; and garnished with a lime of the catchy pop-rock of Fleetwood Mac.

Bunktown Falls

Eclectically described as “Reggae rock beached out jam band funk” Bunktown Falls has made their mark as one of Long Islands most electric and outstanding bands.Drawing inspiration from almost anywhere and everywhere they have stepped off the beaten path to find one all their own. 

Chris Ruben Band

After 5 plus years of working solo, songwriter and musician Chris Ruben founded the first of many groups in late 2014. Many twists and turns befall us all in life. The band has seen many faces come and go. Now they are family. With this unity, love for music and friendship with one another, they are unbreakable and ready to rock the world.


Hailing from the sprawl known as Long Island,  Monkeybite brings the ruckus in all the right ways. Elements of classic rock, punk, indie, garage, funk, hip hop, and even jazz have seeped into their musical DNA and created something wholly original.

Jeanne Marie Boes

Meet Jeanne Marie Boes… Astoria, NY native, a singer, songwriter, musician – full of love, happiness and heartache. With her powerful, soulful and unforgettable voice along with songs, written by both her and some with her father, James, she is steadily gaining a following in her hometown and beyond. She started singing at age nine, inspired by her idol, Celine Dion. Singing along to her records, she’d put on shows for her family in their living room. She started playing piano at about age twelve and has since dabbled in violin, guitar and electric bass.


Nick Abushady is an artist, producer, singer, songwriter. He is here to awaken the masses, enjoy life to its fullest, become the best version of himself possible, and inspire those around me to follow their passions and do the same.

Devin Woshingl

Frankie Matos

Vinyl Plane

Dudley Music

Dudley Music is a Long Island-based Hip-Hop artist, producer, and Jazz musician, playing saxophone, keys, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet and MPC. He performs, curates and hosts events around Long Island, NYC and neighboring east coast cities.

Kaiji Daisenso

Kaiju Daisenso mixes the blood of powerviolence, hardcore, grind and metal into one pissed-off giant Japanese monster! Recordings feature performances from current and former members of Unearthly Trance, Serpentine Path, Helen of Troy and Gospel!!!

Ooggee Wawa

Oogee Wawa is a band with many different influences, fusing reggae, pop, punk rock & hiphop, Long Island New York’s finest manage to bring a high energy stage show with catchy hooks and breath taking harmonies. These touraholics have been all over the road playing over 200 shows a year since 2013 and have had the honor of opening for bigger acts such as: The Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome, Matisyahu, Pepper, The Wailers, 311 Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, Rusted Root, and more.


Ruckzuck will fill your ears with galactic synth melodies, warm guitar excursions, and funky drummin’ rhythm. The trippy trio began their journey in New York, delivering their space vibes to as many venues as they could . Eventually the group decided to exile themselves to the mountains of Pennsylvania to record their music in seclusion.

Arizona Linsday

Lindsey was the winner of the Gold Coast Arts Center’s Your Big Break Competition and performed for the 2019 Montauk Music Festival, and performed at the Hudson Valley’s annual “Music Networking Conference”. Her new single, “The Desired Way”, was released December 2019, and its’ music video was recently featured on IndieArtist TV (Roku Music Streaming Channel). Additionally, this past December, Lindsey was a featured artist in global music magazine, Skope, highlighting the song and video’s release. Interviewed by Skope about the song’s inspiration, Lindsey tackled topics about grief, loss, support, and how to help those who may be grieving. “Close the Window,” Lindsey’s popular single from The Castle You Built Me, was released April 1st, 2018; the song’s music video was filmed and directed by seven-time Emmy award winner, Chris Sassano. In the spring of 2018, Lindsey was selected by former VP of Warner Chappell Music, Judy Stakee, as a songwriter for her company’s songwriting retreat. In the summer of 2017, Lindsey went on tour, performing at venues around Long Island, the Hudson Valley region, and Nashville.

Corey Michael Rimean & The Dilemma

The Dilemma hails from Southern New England. Each of the Group’s members is multi-faceted and can play many different instruments, and are well versed in all aspects of music and production. The band mixes classic favorites with its own originals creating an amazing fun filled musical show. We have played and been featured in some of the most famous venues on the East Coast. Toads Place, The Bitter End, Wall Street Theater, Stella Blues, City Winery on the Greenway Boston and the Haunt in Ithaca to name a few. We have headlined at Six Flags New England concert series 8 separate shows . The band has also done numerous corporate events, weddings and parties including the Hartford marathon.

Briana Bradley

Briana is a singer-songwriter from Queens, NY. Her music is a mix of folk, soul, and spirit. Some of her influences include Lianne La Havas, Delta Rae, Laura Marling, and Florence + the Machine. Others have called her music both eclectic and revolutionary, with a Roots/Americana feel.

Sister Speak

  • National Touring Act
  • Supported Chris Isaac, Xavier Rudd, Air Supply, Mike Love
  • ‘Best Pop’ – San Diego Music Awards (2017)
  • Sherri Anne voted “Top 9 Rhythm Guitarists” – NBC San Diego
  • Endorsed by Taylor Guitars, D’addario, Planet Waves, Jagasilk

Canadian born and now both BC and California-residing Sherri Anne is at the core of Sister Speak, an indie-pop (and rock/blues/world music) entity that creates warm, uplifting, and thought-provoking music.


Necter is a four-piece indie pop rock group hailing from Long Island, New York with an infectiously bright aggressive sound juxtaposed with hard-hitting lyrics. Debuting with their album, At The Core in 2016, the wildly energetic duo-singer band packs a sweet punch that’ll be sure to draw to you in and keep you hooked. The group evolved with a heavier rock sound with their 2017 ep release, Bruise Your Ego, and quickly headed out to successfully tour the east coast in 2019, spreading their peachy vibes all the way down to Austin Texas.

Ghost Orchid

Annie O’Rourke

Anne O’Rourke is a singer-songwriter from the North Fork of Long Island (NY). Her music blends her love of indie, folk, and musical theater into a unique way of story telling. Her songs are about personal growth and reshaping the narrative into something positive. Anne’s passion for music and songwriting goes beyond the stage and into the classrooms of preschoolers with special needs where she works as board certified music therapist.  She was featured at the 2018 & 2019 Huntington Folk Festival, many Fresh Brewed Sessions Concert Series shows, and aired on Homegrown Long Island (90.1 FM).

Kyle Royce and the World

Kyle Royce & The World. Lead singer, songwriter and pianist, Kyle Royce, started playing classical piano at the age of two, began singing publicly at the age of twelve, and has been writing his own songs since he was very young. He has an interesting and wide range of musical influences — 90’s pop (Michael Jackson, Usher, Notorious B.I.G.), rock (Incubus), experimental (Radiohead), jazz (Oscar Peterson and Hiromi Uehara), contemporary pop, including Beyonce, and EDM artists Swedish House Mafia, Zedd and Avicii. Kyle loves to interact with fans through social media and live performances, where he and The World commonly let their humor and eccentricity show. They are also outspoken activists for change worldwide. Their Kyle Royce-penned tagline “Peace. Love. Progression” advocates for inclusion.


Long Island, NY native independent artist “AllOne”, known to family and close friends as Bruce Pandolfo, is a multi-faceted poet, songwriter, rapper, freestyler, beatboxer, sometimes comedian and always entertainer, he tries to pull from all aspects of life and death and literature to create his dense and expressive lyrics.

Medicine Fish

Of Sea and Stone

Of Sea and Stone is an emerging Americana duo known for their polished vocal harmonies and intimate songwriting. Their sound ranges from joyful to solemn, hopeful to desperate, with raw, honest lyrics carried by their haunting melodies. The duo consists of Luke Dierker and Morgan Dierker, who met in January 2014 through the popular dating app Tinder. The two quickly discovered their natural vocal chemistry and began writing together in Morgan’s hometown of Columbia, MO. The following week, the two performed their first show at Gunter Hans, a small German café in Columbia. After a few years of regularly performing in Columbia, the two got married and moved to Austin, TX.

1980’s in Hong Kong

Blind Breed

Blind Breed is statement about the battle of accepting a preconceived truth versus discovering one of your own. Our music is a representation of life from thisperspective – from the darkest depths to it’s very beauty. Influences include Thrice, Circa Survive, I The Mighty, among many others.

Hollywood Drive By

Hollywood Drive-by as the name is meant to imply, takes great pride in shooting through society’s status-quo set forth by the ‘silver screen’, and our beloved living room idiot box. A multi-genre band formed in between August and November 2011, HD skillfully blends the sounds of hip hop and alternative rock in a way that is incomparable. Fans often site the feel of the 90’s blended with the innovation of a new era, resulting in an awesome raw energy rarely found in live performances anymore. By fusing multi-layered lyricism, rapping vocals, singing vocals and creative instrumentation, the band creates a movement that anyone can relate and vibe to.